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          On Track's first issue (as a monthly magazine) was published in January of 1992. However, On Track got its start about fifteen months earlier. Lewis M. Brooks, Jr. took ill and had a partial amputation of his left foot. Eventually he had a below the knee amputation. Being a printer for over 20 years, and realizing that he could not keep up the pace with printing, he decided to publish a book about the lottery, and On Track was born.

          Unfortunately, after 115 issues (and losing his other leg in 1997), publishing On Track became too difficult as well as too time consuming. In 2000, he sold the business to his son, and decided that On Track's life, as a monthly magazine had come to an end.

          However, after his retirement he wanted to give back to all his loyal readers who had supported On Track over the years. He continued On Track on the Internet as On Track Online.

          Lewis M. Brooks, Jr. died on June 15, 2008 at the age of 59. Updates to On Track will continue in his memory.

DISCLAIMER: On Track is not in any way associated with the Massachussetts State Lottery.

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